What's Sapient all about?!

The main concept of Sapient is luperci humanization. Sapient encourages the use of optime form and the more humanized skills already seen and established on board such a reading and writing, use of weapons, the creation of goods, production of food, domestication of animals, whilst still maintaining in balance their true instincts and natures.

If you are looking to join Sapient, we strongly recommend you reading pages such as: Realism, Ranks, Culture as a starting point!

Welcome Archetypes:
Luperci, Greedy, Power Hungry, Intellects, Researchers, Craftsman, Loyalists, Merchants, Fighters, Thieves, Diplomats.

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Unwelcome Archetypes:
Non-Luperci, Criminals, High-Morals, Instigators, Primitives, Dullards, Unskilled, Weak Willed, Soft Hearted, Rapists and Murderers.

IC Joiners Only

Sapient only accepts IC joiners. Joining IC’ly is a good way for your character to build a canon rapport with leadership, which also allows for leadership to actually evaluate and interact with prospective joiners; thus, making sure that all involved parties are going to work out realistically.

Only current NPC’d members may join OOC’ly. Please view our policies for greeting and accepting joiners which is outlined below.

Greeting and Accepting Joiners

For more specific information on what each rank can and cannot do, check out our rank page.

Who can greet and accept Joiners?
  • Members ranked Summus and above may greet/accept joiners.
  • Members ranked Inter and above may greet joiners, although will have to later call for leadership or someone of rank to formally accept the character.
  • We ask that all members only respond to joiners if you can respond at least once a day.
  • If another member has already greeted the character, Leadership strongly advise members not to join in the thread; multiple greeters can slow the joining process down!
How do you accept a member?
  • Remember that only members ranked Summus and above may accept joiners.
  • Once your character has IC'ly accepted the joiner, please post to our maintenance thread so that leadership can sort out the rest.
  • The joining process MUST be fully played out, IC, for the character to be accepted (otherwise leadership will overrule). This includes a fair assessment of skill set, background, will they bring any drama, etc.

Get to know the SP culture

Below is a brief summary of what Sapient is about and what you should somewhat expect from Sapient!

Sapient is a humanized pack!

We do not accept non-luperci characters or creatures.

However, in terms of culture and level of humanization, Sapient is no different to how many players already play luperci characters, nor are we essentially any more humanized than other packs!

OOC'ly as a pack, we believe in natural development, allowing for the characters to develop the pack and its culture past this generalised point.

So what do we mean by humanization?

Humanization within Sapient primarily means the predominant usage of Optime form.

Characters are expected to wear some clothing; past that, we have no actual ‘set’ humanization outline for Sapient. Characters can range from tribal humanization to more modern aspects; it is all treated exactly the same within Sapient.

Wealth, Power and Hierarchy

As subcategories of what we perceive as humanization, these three areas are also factors of Sapient; we actively encourage any character type to join, making us a neutral pack.

Dominance and submission are ingrained canine behaviors which still apply within Sapient, although we also encourage greed for power, materialistic items, knowledge and other things humans may potentially desire.