Need assistance on something and would like to contact Sapient Leadership? Below we have outlined how best to get in contact with us, so that we may get back to you as quickly as possible! -- we'd like to thank you in advance for following our preferences!

Contact Information

  1. General Maintenance and Requests: For game point updates, prize submission, requesting or submitting Metier or AoS related matters, please post to our Maintenance thread.
  2. General queries, conversations and private matters: If you have a question, you are not comfortable making a request for Merier or AoS in our maint thread or you have something you would like to discuss with us, we strong prefer to be contacted on our OOC Account.
  3. Urgent or other matters: If something doesn't fit into the above areas, feel free to drop us a PM on our individual accounts and we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Please Note: Sapient's OOC account is set up to send all of the leadership a notification when you PM us, which goes directly to our mobiles (yay technology!); this way, whoever is available will be able to get back to you as quickly as possible! So keep that in mind when contacting us please.


IC: Nivosus Moineau

Hey hey. I'm Kitty, been lurking around souls for awhile now :D I have a seriously bad habit of playing bad boy characters and having too many characters; admitting the problem is the first step, right?! For more information about me personally, feel free to check out my Souls Wiki which i generally keep up to date. Kinda. Sometimes.... Maybe :I


IC: Asura Creo

'Allo! I'm Kitty's grammar janitor feathered cohort, Songbird! I spend most of my time perched up high and watching everyone down below. I may not say much in the pack chat, but, don't be scared off! I'm just a quiet bird x3 For more information about me, you can check out my nest of treasures over on the Souls Wiki.