Completion Rules

Completion rules are our fixed standard to which we use to determine if a thread is eligible to be submitted. Sapient's completion rules currently apply to: Métier threads, Area of study threads, thread prompts and pack event content.

The Rules

These rules apply only to your contribution -- your thread partner(s) does not need to have met these rules for you to submit.

  1. Threads should be relevant and appropriate to what their intended purpose is; introduction and general lead-up into the thread is great, but please ensure that there is ample content relevant to it's intended purpose.
  2. Read Only or Self Threads cannot be used for Rank threads, Métier threads and Area of study threads, but may be used for select game aspects, if explicitly specified that they are allowed.
  3. The total word count of your posts to the thread should be a minimum of 1000 words.
  4. Threads do not need to be archived to count.


I have posted 1000+ words to my thread and it is still ongoing. Can I submit it now? Yes; so long as all other completion criteria are met, you can submit an ongoing thread and have it count, so long as the 1000 word minimum has been met

If i posted 1000+ words as a starter, could i then submit the thread? Yes; so long as there is plenty of relevant content for what you are intending to use the thread for. The thread should also be intended as interactive -- open for someone (Private or All Welcome) to post to, ensuring that it isn't a Read Only or a Self Thread.

In one of my threads, two of the characters are played by me, with the addition of another character played by someone else; would this count as a self-thread? No; so long as another player is actively posing and involved to the thread, regardless of how many of your characters are present, it would not be considered a self-thread and may be submitted.

Can i re-use my threads from my Metier to earn my Area of Study, so long as the content is corresponding? No; a thread may only be submitted once for either Metiers or Area of Studies.

Do threads started and IC'ly completed before my character reached the appropriate rank to earn a Metier / Area of Study count? No; only threads that were started when the character was of the correct rank may count towards submission.