Species: Luperci dominant - any canine species welcome to join; however, non-Luperci will be rejected or must be infected to join. Creatures will not be accepted.

Territory: Nestled away up north, Sapient’s main base of character activity is centered around the derelict city of Bathurst, where many a secret lies hidden in the depths of its ruins. Yet not all the lands are of stone and concrete, for Sapient’s borders encompassing a range of terrain types from captivating forests, abundant in their prey, all the way out to the rocky beaches and the climbing mountains.

Ranks: With four core tiers covering the broader interests of membership, as well as council positions, Sapient focuses on IC engagement within the pack; offering Envoy opportunities, co-ranks -- Métiers --, and the addition of an Area of Study for characters to earn and provide a much more personalized experience, as well as a challenge for any ambitious individuals.

History: When weary travelers came to a stop, they found no shelter or desirable place to call home. Accustomed to a life of higher living and luxury, of wealth and indulgence in every corner, they sought to establish a home for themselves and like-minded individuals. And so they gathered, those who sought to expand their wealth, power, skills and knowledge, to build and create new things, to trade and nurture their growing fortunes and to leave behind a legacy for the future generations to come.

Social Structure: Sapient is an pro-humanization and pro-cultural advancement pack. A Sapien’s life revolves around power, wealth, and knowledge; the three cornerstones on which Sapient culture is built. An individual’s wealth is a key element of their standing, judged both by personal wealth and what the individual can contribute towards the pack as a whole. Sapiens are encouraged to educate themselves beyond the level of other packs, with the pursuit of specialized research and skills highly encouraged in the pack’s upper echelons.

Scent: Metallic, Salt, Smoke, Tule, Oregano, Alcohol, Moineau Family.

Welcome Archetypes:
Luperci, Greedy, Power Hungry, Intellects, Researchers, Craftsman, Loyalists, Merchants, Fighters, Thieves, Diplomats.

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Unwelcome Archetypes:
Non-Luperci, Criminals, High-Morals, Instigators, Primitives, Dullards, Unskilled, Weak Willed, Soft Hearted, Rapists and Murderers.