Venenum Testis

Venenum Testis

A security measure hosted several times throughout the year at random, the Venenum Testis is a large feast where members are encouraged to hunt for food, trade for goods, then cook meals or concoct various drinks to share with the rest of the pack.

Whilst non-compulsory to attend, the VT is a grand social event with ample food and drink, a great place to catch up on gossip and catch up with your fellow pack mates. Despite the fact it is intended as a means to test for tampered consumable, the event is mostly a celebration of Sapient’s capacity to survive and overcome problems.

The Set Up
  • VT is hosted entirely at random throughout the year. Prior to any VT feast, members of Sapient are assumed to be IC’ly informed 2 weeks in advance.
  • A small sample of every consumable item in pack stores is used for this feast, served on its own or as an ingredient to a larger dish or drink; these samples are thus spread out across the assortment of goods.
  • There is no eating or seating order; all food and drink is communal, allowing for members to pick and choose what they eat.
  • Prior to the event, medics produce common cures for poisons; just in case – although given the quantity and the fact everything is cooked/processed, even in cases of tampered consumables, the damage is usually mild and quickly treatable.
  • Typically the event is hosted in the main hall. Tables and chairs are placed in the center of the room, with pillows, furs and a few sofas making snugs around the edges of the room for members to relax and enjoy themselves.

Pre-VT Thread Prompts

Assist medics by helping make or trading for medical supplies to counter poisons on the off chance something has been tampered with.
Help decorate the main hall: fetch tables and chairs, arrange the comfy snug spaces, put up some ornaments, etc.
Hunt for some fresh meat or go fishing so that there are more resources on hand for the meals.
Cook something to be donated towards the feast. All meals should contain a small sample from the assortment of consumable goods in the packs communal storage.
Trade for any item that could make the VT better: decorations, furs for comfort, seats, food, drink, spices, herbs, etc.