NPC Policies

NPC Policies

  • All NPC’s within Sapient are ranked Cessavi, excluding those within the pup or elder ranks, pNPC's and select cNPC's with unique circumstances.
  • pNPCs and yNPC being picked up for the first time for active play enter ranks at Sodalis. Otherwise, all new joiners enter the ranks at Novus, regardless of NPC status.


All members of Sapient are allowed to use pNPC's in their threads, so long as the following rules are adhered to. Failure to comply to these rules will result in a ban of using pack npcs in the future.

  • Complete adherence to the characters respective wiki info. If a character doesn't have information on it's wiki page, please directly contact SP leadership. You are not permitted to 'make up' pnpcs or alter our existing npcs - so if in doubt, do not use that pNPC.
  • Any direct use of pNPCs in a thread must be added to and listed on the characters wiki thread log. If you are not comfortable updating the wiki, please post to our maintenance and a member of leadership can help.
  • Under no circumstances may you harm or kill pnpcs without leader permission.
  • You are not permitted to create extensive relationships with pnpcs; this means that you cannot become BFFs or mortal enemies with our pnpcs. If you wish to establish a more detailed canon relationship with pnpcs, please approach leadership to discuss.
  • pNPCs cannot be used or abuse for IC gain - this includes but is not limited to gaining knowledge, skills or goods which your character would otherwise not be able to obtain, or would obtain unfairly via the use of npcs.


Thinking about NPC'ing a character within Sapient? Below is a checklist of things you should consider before doing so, to ensure that the process gets approved and IC'ly transitions with ease.

  • Only characters of which the player intends to pick back up as a played character may be NPC'd.
  • Characters can remain in pack ranks up to 6 months after you receive the formal NPC approval PM.
  • After 6 months, characters are moved to the University of New England for a transitional period, before being fully removed from Sapient.
  • All NPCs are ranked Cessavi. For high ranked characters, think about why they'd be demoted – injury? Bad Behaviour? Considering your options will make life much easier when you go to pick the character back up later!
  • Consili ranked characters may retain their rank whilst aNPC'd if the duration of aNPC time is short, reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Characters NPC'd within the pack are expected to have remained within Sapient, performing their usual duties. If you plan for the character to go on an off-board adventure, leaving and later re-joining SP IC'ly would be a better option.
  • Characters re-joining will enter ranks as Novus, having to re-earn any previous ranks; this is to allow active characters to pursue and hold ranks over inactive characters.

If your character fits and has the above points covered, please PM the provided form to Sapient Leadership. Requests made in chat or directly to leadership are not considered formal requests – requests are not considered approved until an approval pm, from the SP OOC account has been sent.

Adoptable NPCs

We will happily promote any cNPC’s or yNPC’s. Pack promotion includes bold links on our rank table, listing on our rotating adoptable banner, wiki page advertisement and the possibility of being a featured adoptable (fixed small and large banners, as well as a large feature on our rank table). To have a character promoted, simply post to maintenance or, in the case of wiki pages, you are welcome to add your adoptables yourself.

If an adoptable character has been adopted, please let us know so we can update things on our end. To list or delist adoptables, simply post to our pack maintenance.