Promotion and Demotion

Sapient functions on a three-factor promotion and demotion system. A character’s activity, engagement and IC conduct determine whether a character moves up or down the rank table.

Activity scale

Activity refers to the sum total of posts your character has made over the course of the month.

Keep in mind; low activity generally means your character hasn’t been engaged with the pack much, whilst high activity does indicate more IC interaction, although this is not our primary promotion criteria.

▲ Promotion
10+ posts

Retain Rank
6-9 posts

▼ Demotion
0-5 posts


Engagement refers to participating IC’ly.

Ranks require skill competence, so performing rank related and skill improvement threads look good.

Additionaly, joining IC events and threads, etc is encouraged – social characters are more likely to be noted for promotion

Rank duty threads.
Threading with packmates.
Area of Study.
Envoy Calibers.
Joining IC events.


Conduct refers to how your character behaves IC’ly.

If your character is rude to others, is regularly breaking laws, causing problems or is openly insubordinate / challenging hierarchy, your character will not be trusted with a higher rank and may in fact be demoted based on bad behaviour.

▲ Promotion
Respects Hierarchy.
Conforms to pack culture.
Doesn't break laws.

▼ Demotion
Breaking laws.