Pelagus ranks consist of those recognized for their exceptional individual skills within their chosen field, deemed masters of their craft. Each Pelagus member is expected to host a range of skills and has diligently worked their way through Supera ranks, learning as well as guiding those alongside them in their chosen tier.

Pelagus Moribus

The Pelagus Moribus is tasked with the management and arrangement of the rest of the Domus and acts as a public face for the pack. The Moribus oversees fields such as animal welfare, pack storage, relations and caretaking. They are responsible for spreading the good name of Sapient, and if a poor reputation is gained the Sagacious looks to the Moribus to right the wrong.

  • Examples of appropriate rank roles include: Acting as an advisor to new members, delegating work amongst the Domus, contributing to pack stores, actively participating in diplomacy with other packs. Discussing with leadership the state of the pack in regards to emotional state, gossip, behavior and overall member conduct, as well as advising leadership in matters of pack relations.

Pelagus Eruditio

The Eruditio is highly devoted to the progression of knowledge and oversees the research of the four levels of Scio and provides critique to those within the tier. Co-operating with the Domus tier and Morbius, they provide knowledge of lands, history and the sort to aid in relations as required. Additionally, the Eruditio act as an advisor to any new ideas and projects that will directly affect the pack. They are expected to and assist those members searching for their Area of Study.

  • Examples of appropriate rank roles include: A scholar at hear, the Eruditio is expected to actively engage in teaching members and overseeing pack projects by keeping records and advising Scios of all levels, acquiring books, scrolls and written works for the pack or contributing their own. Recording history events, pack relations and information in an impartial manner.

Pelagus Opifex

Head of creation, the Opifex delves into both Scio and Opus tiers, working closely with the members to creating quality goods in a range of areas for the packs use, to bolster storage or to be traded to other packs. Knowledgeable of where the best resources are, methodology of a mixture of crafts and familiar with a range of tools, the Opifex is more than just a handyman, but a true artist in the works they produce.

  • Examples of appropriate rank roles include: Mastering more than one particular craftsman, using their talents and trade to obtain wealth for the pack, teaching members and overseeing pack projects by keeping records and advising Scios of all levels. The Opifex is expected to be actively out trading and acquiring raw materials, as well as producing goods to bolster the pack’s wealth.

Pelagus Tutella

The Tutella is a seasoned warrior and is responsible for maintaining the peace of the pack and its neighbors. They work in conjunction with the Opifex to ensure that members who desire to be so are armed and trained to competence. From the whispers of the Eruditio, the makes sure that all of the Opus tier are up to date on who is friend and foe, ensuring members are aware of pack events that may require warriors to take up arms and show more diligence upon the pack’s borders.

  • Examples of appropriate rank roles include: Conferring with the Adcredo, Primor and the Sagacious in regards to the safety of the pack’s members as it’s hoards of wealth, performing border patrols and sweeps of that packlands, conversing with the Opus and relaying information gathered to leadership, training Opus tier in warfare and battle techniques.