“Sapient is a very humanized pack in its nature, encouraging members to embrace their optime form, the use of tools, weapons and clothing. Sapient also actively encourages education of it’s members in everything from combat to reading and writing. Because with knowledge there is competence, the production of unique goods results in wealth and wealth is power.”

Because of its construct, SP may seem like it lives on the edge of the Souls’ universe; threatening to breach the Realism factor. We strongly believe in being true to the game, and wish to emphasize the importance of realism in all aspects of character construction and behavior.


Whilst already established facts and knowledge have a draw for the pack, they also strive to create new things, new technology. Invention is a free concept, not limited to one area; any area in the world that has room to grow, they actively strive to improve upon and apply their knowledge towards.

Invention types range from playing with herbs and chemical reactions to using metal and wood to create tools and the like, even the establishment of battle tactics, traps or cooking recipes!

Many of the inventors record down their findings, making detailed notes in whatever way they can to record the process so that someone else could later re-create their invention. These guidelines are kept close to the pack and typically only revealed for something equal to or greater to their deemed worth.

However inventions must comply with the board rules, not exceeding the level of present technology, simply adapting it and finding more practical means or uses for it. Guns, electricity and the like are not allowed.

Acceptable types of innovation:
  • Creating a journal: Testing various known methods on how to tame wild horses, recording each method's effectiveness, good and bad points, practicality, time, level of domestication after and any other relevant findings.
  • Experimenting with herbs: Testing the effects of different herbs and recording down the results! New medical treatments, poisons, dyes, ink, flavorings, teas and so much more can be created by combining various plant life and experimenting a little with it.
  • Making a train: Trains are large, complex pieces of technology and beyond the realms of souls.
  • The light bulb: Again, electricity is not something found on souls and as such, this would not be allowed.

Improve your RP!

Resources Available

There are many resources for you to read! And not just when contemplating creating a new character, looking for your character’s AoS or Métier! We encourage new and old members to read and review the following links whenever any notion of realism is questioned!

Souls’ RP Guide

The RPG Guide has a host of amazing resources which can help anyone polish off and improve their writing. As a starting point, the Realism Page is a good introduction to the board’s realism, including ways your character can go about gaining knowledge and skills.

For crafting as well as inventory factors, the Scavenged Materials Page & Glass and Metal’s Section. Sapient is heavily based on trade and goods. When scavenging human artefacts and materials please take into account the non-inclusive list on the Post-Apocalyptic page. This also gives you a clear idea of what the world of Souls’ is truly like.

Additional Reading

Sapiens are encouraged to expand their minds and constantly learn. Areas of Study and some Métiers are focused subjects that a member is able to claim and master in. It is important to understand the limitations of gainable knowledge, the knowledge and skills page of the Souls RP Guide is a great resource to read through before deciding on your desired subject.