Pack Projects

A pack-wide project is something that is accessible to the entirety of Sapient players and/or characters. Anyone should be able to get involved, compete and earn prizes. Pack projects range from contests such as fill the forum, icon hunts, etc to actual pack-wide plots, such as wars, trading, alliances and so on.

Who can run one?

Anyone can run a pack event, new or old to the board. You do not even need to be a member of SP to initiate a pack project with us!

Running an SP event has some perks! You can earn some hefty pack points by doing so, or the running of an event can be used to earn an exclusive Primor rank.

What your event should include

Before drafting the written part of your event, we strongly recommend looking at current and previous pack wide projects to get an idea for wording, layouts, content, etc.

  • Your event must be coded and submitted using this template. Look at other pack projects to see how we word them and present them, for they are your best examples of what is an acceptable pack project! If you cannot code, please ask leadership for assistance.
  • Detailed event description or back story information. What is the aim of this event? Why is this plot happening? What do you intend for the result to be?
  • Dates and time line: start, end, submissions, prizes, voting, timelines should all be clearly present and easy to find. State time zones, etc.
  • How members can get involved: thread prompts, submitting art, set sign up threads, etc. Keep in mind that a project should never
    • Plots that are selfish or singular character orientated do not count as pack projects, but personal plots. Make sure there is the option for characters of different skill sets and temperaments to get involved, that there are enough varied prompts or threads for the member body. If it's more player focused, consider all ages, available free time, skills, etc. Pack projects are meant to be fun for everyone.
  • Do members need to submit anything to participate? If so, how, where and when should they be submitting?
  • Prizes. Keep in mind what leadership can provide as prizes. How will winners be decided? What judging criteria is in place?

Submitting your event

  • Events, once formatted as stated above, must be PM’d to the SP ooc account.
  • Your project will be reviewed. If changes are required, we will pm you back to discuss them. All changes must again be submitted in the correct event format.
  • All pack-wide events and plots must be submitted to and approved by SP leadership. A project is not considered approved until you have a formal approval confirmation PM from the SP OOC account. This means that discussions over aim, pm, etc between individual leaders does not equate to approval to go ahead with things.

Some key points to consider

We cannot stress that how much members can get involved is a key factor in a projects success! If Bob the wolf is in every thread, of which every thread is focused around how awesome Bob is... well that's just not going to be fun for others! However, if Bob had an idea to build a magical castle, he could propose the idea and everyone could get together and lead threads, work on different things and provide input on this magical castle. Or war. Bob could go kill a unicorn and start a war as part of a back story, with fights, defences, treatment lead by other characters.

Bob is bad. Don't kill unicorns; that is the morale of this story.

Don't be a Bob.