Thread Prompts

Looking for inspiration for a new thread and want to earn some extra pack game points in the process? Tread prompts are just for you then! This page is updated every month automatically with new prompts for you and your characters to get involved in.

Have an idea for a thread prompt? PM Sapient leadership to let us know -- if we use your prompt, you'll be awarded 25 game points just for suggesting it! Plus, your leaders would really appreciate it -- these thread prompts don't write themselves!!

Submitting and using thread prompts

  1. Completion rules apply to all thread prompts
  2. All thread participants can claim points, so long as they meet above rules on each of theircharacters.
  3. Read only and self threads do not count as thread prompts; they are designed to be interactive!
  4. For every completed thread prompt, you can earn 35 game points, in addition to word count points and other available game points that may apply to the thread!

October Thread Prompts

Something strange is going on in the estate again - each night, the sound of a body falling in the main hall echoes through the halls, whispers of voices you can't quite hear and a persistant chill: has Desiderio come back to haunt us?!
After a particularly heavy rainstorm, some parts of the territory have either been temporarily flooded or have overrun their banks. Be careful that you choose the right spot to play or travel through! Water can drown even a proficient swimmer, and muddy inclines can make for disastrous outcomes!
The pack's storage has gotten low on alcohol/food/materials (paper and ink/charcoal, medical supplies, tailoring goods, etc.), go get some more! Hunt, trade, or swindle it from someone (just make sure it doesn't come back on the pack! :3)!
Sapiens are expected to stand above others when it comes to their skills: teach someone to read and write, or perhaps ride a horse, so that they can add another skill under their belt to boast about.
Bam. Out of now where you get hit by some fun hail and sleet -- better find shelter until the weather improves.